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Retro-a-Gogo: Fetish Cosmetics Silky, Streak-Free Color for Cheeks / Blush ( 1997 )

YES, it has been for-freaking-ever, and YES I have no excuse other than I’ve been busy but I have a real gem for you today! In the 1990s cosmetics category, if you’ve been following this blog you know I have a FETISH for Fetish Cosmetics by Cosmar, and have been searching the ends of the internet fo find in-package and sealed makeup from the 90s. This is Fetish Cosmetic’s ‘silky, streak-free color for cheeks’ blush in the color ‘through the night’, a gorgeous dusty cherry rose hue. It was brand new, still in it’s package! Unmarked,…

Retro-a-Gogo: It’s Gonna Be May / NSYNC Performance of ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ on Japanese TV

*beat boxin’* It’s gonna be ME! Not an article, just a cute video of my fave boy band, NSYNC, meeting Ultraman and performing ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ on Japanese TV in, I think, 2000. Not quite the 90s, but close enough to give me nostalgic goose bumps! You can check out the beginning of the song at about 2:47, but I definitely suggest watching the whole video as the boys are surprised by a visit from Ultraman! And it’s flipping adorable. How do we get along without them?

Retro-a-Gogo: Surge Citrus Soda from Coca-Cola (1997)

Welp, here’s a blast from my past that I haven’t had time to crack open. A couple of years ago (2014, I believe?) Coca-Cola breathed new life into the 1997 citrus-flavored Surge soda that they’d discontinued back in 2002. Sort of like the Mountain Dew’s big city cousin, Surge was sold as EXTREME — which is the way they sold a lot of things to us in the eighties and nineties. It’s sort of got a lemon-lime thing going on and is, I do not lie, radioactive green in color. I found this at my local…