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Retro-a-Gogo: Surge Citrus Soda from Coca-Cola (1997)

Welp, here’s a blast from my past that I haven’t had time to crack open. A couple of years ago (2014, I believe?) Coca-Cola breathed new life into the 1997 citrus-flavored Surge soda that they’d discontinued back in 2002. Sort of like the Mountain Dew’s big city cousin, Surge was sold as EXTREME — which is the way they sold a lot of things to us in the eighties and nineties. It’s sort of got a lemon-lime thing going on and is, I do not lie, radioactive green in color. I found this at my local…

Retro-a-Gogo: Street Wear all over glitter aka Unicorn Jizz (2001)

I’m on a 90s kick lately and it’s lead me to make some questionable purchases. I bought a bundle of Street Wear ( the poor kids answer to Urban Decay ) and got this dope tube of holographic blue all over glitter! It’s fricking beautiful! like unicorn jizz. If you think I’m not wearing this seventeen year old glitter, you are mistaken Sir.