More than a feeling: Depression & Generation X

We hear less and less about Generation X, these days. Our focus as a nation seems to be on the vast differences between our parents, the Baby Boomers, and the Millennials.

It feels like the problems my generation struggle with, like being one of the first generations to have real problems affording or attending college, being the first generation to deal with the fallout from the generation before us. 

The thing is, we didn’t make as big a stink as the younger generations are. We tried to make things better but ultimately had to face reality.

It’s the same with mental health. For us, the struggle is as real as it is for anyone else but our problems aren’t taken seriously because we’re not kicking our feet like the generations on either side of us.

Basically, if you’re over 35 and you’re hurting? No one cares.

Cherry's a Generation X baby who can't let go of the 90s. She loves all things 'Gen X', from the X Games to the X-Files.